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The Story Of Stefan Lindberg

Below is an interactive timeline following Stefan Lindbergs journey and ambitions across his professional sporting career, personal life, and success as a Business Owner

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The Journey Begins 

Stefan Lindberg was born in Lunden, Göteborg, Sweden on March 6th 1954. Stefan was the second Son of his Father, Gösta Lindberg and Mother, Ella Lindberg. he had one Older Brother, Göran Lindberg (born 1949).


Karting Sucess 

Stefan started karting in 1968 as a hobby, which directly connected him to the Komet Spalding Karting Team and the Swedish National junior karting Team, together with team member Eje Elgh.

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Cowboy Stefan.jpg


Professional Ice Hockey

- Stefan Lindberg's Hockey Career started in 1965 and ended when he retired in 1978. 

Stefan Played for teams in Sweden and Canada during his 12-year career. 


Professional Driving

- From 1968 to 1970 Stefan competed as a professional Driver for Komet Spalding Karting Team

In 1995 Stefan Lindberg returned to professional driving as a driver for Isokern Spalding Endurance Race team. Alongside Teammates: Leif Spalding, Ralf Holmström and Anders Johansson.



Extreme Sailing 

Stefan Lindberg started his professional sailing career as a crew member alongside brothers Sture Sundén and Jörgen Sundén in 1974 in an IF (International Folkbåt) Boat during the Marstrands regatta, Sweden.



Raffen KB

Stefan Lindberg founded Raffen in 2003 to be able to focus on real estate opportunities. The focus of the company is to buy and restore buildings.



Prosport AB starts connecting

Stefan Lindberg wanted to be a part of connecting businesses within the sporting industry that would otherwise not consider a relationship, the company acts as advisors and organisers that enable large companies to come together for projects such as Sponsorships, and team management and Senior sports advisors.


Skorstensspecialisten Evolves

In 1973 Stefan Lindberg had the idea to expand the company and introduced new services such as Restoration, Construction of chimney systems, and ventilation systems. 

This part of the Family business became known as SKORSTENSSPECIALISTEN (The Chimney specialist).

Young Stefan at Skorstenspec.jpg


Wiesmann Cars

In 2008 Prosport became the General agent to Wiesmann Cars for Scandinavia, as a general agent, Stefan took a step into the luxury car world by hand producing cars.

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