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Professional driving

Professional Driving Career


- 1968 to 1970 Stefan competed as a professional Driver for Komet Spalding Karting Team in the following races: 


29th September 1968 - Finished 2nd in Göteborgs Stora Pris

1969 - 3rd place A-pop in Laxå 

8th June 1969 - 1st Place in Stockholm, Swedish championship race (SM)

26th June 1969 - 1st place A-pop in Kristianstad

12 July 1969 - European championship, achieved Fastest Lap, however due to mechanical failure Stefan was unable to finish the race. 

15th August 1969 - 1st place A-pop in Vaxsjö

6th September 1969 - Finished 2nd in Göteborg Stora Pris, in Kallebāck

1969 - Swedish championship in Karting - Won silver medal 

1970 - 6th June, 4th position as part of the Swedish national team. The race was against Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden


In 1995 Stefan Lindberg returned to professional driving as a driver for Isokern Spalding Endurance Race team. Alongside Teammates: Leif Spalding, Ralf Holmström and Anders Johansson.


Achievements with Isokern Race team: 

14/10/1995 - 24-hour endurance race -finished 2nd 

14/04/1996 - 8-hour Endurance race - finished 1st

31/08/1996 - 10-hour Endurance race - finished 1st 

09/08/1997 – 8-Hour Endurance race - finished 1st

24/08/1997 – 8-Hour Endurance race - finished 1st

13/09/1997 – 8-Hour Endurance race - finished 2nd

22/08/1998 – 8-Hour Endurance race - finished 3rd

22/08/1998 – 6-Hour Endurance race - finished 2nd


During his racing period with Isokern Racing, Stefan was headhunted by Picko Troberg in 1997 to join the Picko Troberg Racing Team.


Stefan joined the team over the 1997 season and was the second driver for the team, if his teammate (Mattias Ekström) was ever incapacitated. 


Stefan also connected Isokern as a sponsor for the team, alongside his own company Skorstensspecialisten, part of the deal was having the team car (Volvo 850 TWR) was repainted into black to match the company colours and branding.

1997 - Driving the Volvo 850 TWR Picko Troberg Racing Team achieved 2nd position in the STCC (Swedish touring car championship) 


At the end of the season Stefan Lindberg was testing the Volvo 850 TWR in order to prepare for a new 3-year contact with Honda-ProdriveUK 

Stefan Lindberg agreed to drive for Honda for the next 3 years. Driving a Honda Accord.


Achievements with Honda-Prodrive UK:

March 1998 - Silverstone shakedown testing the Honda accord before the car was shipped to Sweden. 

1998 - Full Season of 16 Races for STCC with a best result of 4th position

1999 - Full season of 16 Races for STCC with a best result of 8th position 

At the end of the year 1999, Stefan Lindberg was invited to the Macau Grand Prix (18th - 21st November), with Honda, however due to engine failure he was unable to complete the race. 


In 2000 Stefan Lindberg retired from professional Driving and moved into Sports management. 


Stefan’s first major role was as Sports Director for John Speed Race Team in Salisbury, UK, working with Alfa Romero. 

Under Stefan’s leadership, John Speed Racing Came in 4th position in BTCC production in 2001.


In 2013 Stefan joined NIKA Racing as sports director for the full season of the WTCC (World Touring Car Championship)

Notable races with Michel Nykjær as a driver:

Monza, Italy, 2nd Place

Marrakesh, Morocco, 1st Place

Moscow, Russia, 1st Place

Salzburg, Austria, 1st Place 


Macau 2013, Winners of the Asian Trophy with Japanese driver Yukinori Taniquchi


Stefan retired from Race Directing in 2013.

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