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Stefan Lindberg

Go Kart Racing


- Stefan started karting in 1968 as a hobby, which directly connected him to the Komet Spalding Karting Team and the Swedish National junior karting Team, together with team member Eje Elgh.


- In 1969 Stefan received the Silver Medal in the junior SM Klass A-pop


- In 1969 Pole Position European Karting Championship in Sweden


- In 1970 Stefan retired from professional Kart Racing after accepting a position with Frölunda HC A-lagstrupp which began his professional Ice Hockey Career

- 1968 to 1970 Stefan competed as a professional Driver for Komet Spalding Karting Team in the following races: 


29th September 1968 - Finished 2nd in Göteborgs Stora Pris

1969 - 3rd place A-pop in Laxå 

8th June 1969 - 1st Place in Stockholm, Swedish championship race (SM)

26th June 1969 - 1st place A-pop in Kristianstad

12 July 1969 - European championship, achieved Fastest Lap, however, due to mechanical failure Stefan was unable to finish the race. 

15th August 1969 - 1st place A-pop in Vaxsjö

6th September 1969 - Finished 2nd in Göteborg Stora Pris, in Kallebāck

1969 - Swedish championship in Karting - Won silver medal 

1970 - 6th June, 4th position as part of the Swedish national team. The race was against Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden

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