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Stefan Lindberg started his professional sailing career as a crew member alongside brothers Sture Sundén and Jörgen Sundén in 1974 in an IF (International Folkbåt) Boat during the Marstrands regatta, Sweden.


1975-77 Tord Sundén (father to the Sundén brothers) decided to enter the 6m world championship. Tord Sundén was a boat designer and designed both boats (Suncraft, Suncraft 2) and Stefan Lindberg was a part of the crew. 


The crew consisted of: 

Tord Sundén - Helmsman

Sture Sundén - Frount Sail/Spinnaker

Jörgen Sundén - Frount Sail/Spinnaker

Roger Örn - Tactician 

Stefan Lindberg - Trimtab/Main sail/backstay


Achievements with this team: 

1976 - Spring regatta, Sandhamn, Stockholm, 2nd place

1977 - World championship 6M, 5th place


Stefan then took a break from sailing to focus on his other ambitions until returning in 1990 and competing in Dragon Sailing with crewmates Hans Eliason, Bengt Andersson, and Sven-Bertil Johansson 


1990 - Marstrands regatta, 1st place.  

1990 - Nimbus MacDonald Cup, 2nd place. 

1990 - GKSS (Gothenburg Royal Sailing Championship), 3rd Place.

1991 - Dragon Gold Cup, Marstrand, 7th place. 

1991 - Höstdraken  Långedrag - 1st place, awarded by Former Volvo director, Pehr G. Gyllenhammar

1991 - Dan Axel Broström's hederspris, Sarö, 1st Place 

1995 - World Championship, Dragon sailing, Freemantle, Australia, 9th Plate

1997 - Marstrand Dragon sailing, 2nd place

2003 - Baggen Cup, Stockholm, 1st place 

2004 - Gold Cup, Denmark, 9th Position

2004 - 75th Jubilee, Saint-Tropez, France, 4th position, received a trophy from Prince Hendrik of Denmark

2004 - Rutgerson Cup, Marstrand, 2nd position 

2008 - Spring Dragon Cup, 2nd position. 


Stefan Lindberg received a total of 21 Daily First Trophies across his sailing career within 6M, IF Boat, and Dragon Sailing as a crew member.

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