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Stefan Lindberg

Stefan Lindberg founded Prosport AB in 1984.


Stefan Lindberg founded the company due to his long-standing experience within the sporting industry and saw opportunities within the market. 

The idea behind the company started when Stefan Lindberg connected the clothing company "Twins" with Frölunda HC as a sponsor in 1972. 

Stefan Lindberg wanted to be a part of connecting businesses within the sporting industry that would otherwise not consider a relationship, the company acts as advisors and organisers that enable large companies to come together for projects such as Sponsorships, and team management and Senior sports advisors.

An example would be Prosports success with Honda, creating sponsorship agreements with Wallen Sailing during the M32 Cup, a sponsorship agreement with Prodrive UK for the STCC seasons 1998-2000.

In 2008 Prosport became the General agent to Wiesmann Cars for Scandinavia, as a general agent, Prosport took a step into the luxury car world by hand producing cars.


Prosport AB still operates today with Stefan Lindberg as an owner after 38 years. 

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