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Ice Hockey

Professional Hockey

- Stefan Lindberg's Hockey Career started in 1965 and ended when he retired in 1978.

- Stefan started out as a pojklagsspelare (boys team player) for Vasta Frölunda HC in 1965 as a team member.

- 1967 Stefan and his team won the Pojk DM (Distrikts Mästare) in Göteborg

- 1968 Junior District championship and GP-Puken Winners with Frölunda HC.

- 1969/1970 Team Member for Goteborg regional team in TV-Puken. Stefan also won 2 DM Championships as a Junior for Frölunda HC

- Hockey Season 1969/70 Joined Frölunda HC as Left Wing.

- 1971 Stefan Lindberg turned down an offer from Ronald "Sura-Pelle" Pettersson to join Sweden's junior national team in men's hockey, due to signing a contract with Winnipeg Junior Jets/Monarchs.

- 1971 Stefan Lindberg moved to Winnipeg, Canada to play for the Junior Jets/Monarchs. He trained with the Winnipeg Jets just before his trade to Kenora Muskies.

- 1971/1972 Stefan flew back to Sweden to compete in the Scandinavian opening game and was awarded the Plate 44 medal


-1971/1972 Frölunda won Division I (South), but were not as successful in the SM-playoffs; the team finished sixth. Worth noting that the first league match was played at Scandinavium on 17 October against Färjestad, Frölunda winning 5-3. In the District Championship, Frölunda won 15-1 in the semi-finals against Chalmers, and convincingly 10-0 in the final against Vasa HC. 

- 1972 Stefan was drafted to Kenora Muskies, Played for Kenora Muskies during the 1972 Season. Scoring a hattrick against Minneapolis Junior Stars where he received the MVP trophy for the game. 

- 1973 Stefan turned down interest from the New York Ranger Juniors and instead Transferred to Chicago Cougars as part of the WHA. After the death of his manager Dan Ekner, Stefan decided to go back to Sweden and joined Frölunda HC.

- 1973/1974 Second in the regular season behind Leksand. Leksand won the SM-playoffs (Swedish Championship Playoffs), whilst Frölunda came seventh.

- 1973 Stefan alongside Frölunda HC came second in the Star Cup.

- 1973 DM championship, which Frölunda HC won, Stefan scored a hattrick during the Final against Bäcken HC.

- 1973 to 1975 Stefan Played for Vasta Frölunda HC. Winning 4 DM Championships for Göteborg regional team.

- 1976 to 1978 Stefan Played for Mölndals IF / Division 2 - 76/77/78, before retiring after the 1978 Hockey Season.

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