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Stefan Lindberg's Grandfather, Erik Lindberg was born in 1892 in Göteborg, Sweden. when Erik was 28 he started the family business Skorstens-Company in 1920. The company was focused on chimney sweeping and making sure chimneys were compliant with laws and regulations. 


During the same year, Erik Lindberg became a father to his only son Gösta Lindberg. 


Erik Lindberg ran the company until he died in 1960, at which point his son Gösta Lindberg took over. 


In 1973 Stefan Lindberg had the idea to expand the company and introduced new services such as Restoration, Construction of chimney systems and ventilation systems. 

This part of the Family business became known as SKORSTENSSPECIALISTEN (The Chimney specialist). 


Stefan ran this section of the company until his father retired in 1987, at which point, Stefan Lindberg took over the entire company and became the owner of Skorstensspecialisten. 


Stefan Is still the owner of the company as of April 2022. Serving 49 years within the company. 

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